Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Communities and Credit Unions....

During our visit to the Wli Waterfalls we met Alfred.  He was our tour guide to the falls - he is also a farmer in the village at Wli.  Alfred was extremely knowledgeable and spoke very well.  During the trip up to the falls he spoke with our two Ghanaian CUA (Credit Union Association) drivers, George and Raymond.  Both George and Raymond are VERY passionate about the credit union and how it can help Ghanaians save for their futures and build their businesses.

As we quickly walked back down from the waterfalls (on our way to take Fintan to emergency), Alfred asked me several time to Please come back and share the credit union message with his village.  Alfred could have arranged to learn how the credit union could just help him, but he understands the power of working together as a community.  That was a reality check for me.  So many times in our society we take an opportunity to maximize it for our own gains.  I did not see that in Ghana.

This next video shares a small portion of the time Fintan and I spent speaking with the village (actually Raymond and Alfred spoke the most, but Fintan and I tried!).  When we arrived on Monday, somewhat unannounced - they rang the community meeting bell, swept the floor, arranged the benches and set us up at a head table.  We were Welcome!

Maybe turn your volume up for this video and close the door so you can hear Alfred speaking.