Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Off to Ultimate Credit Union in Akatsi (A-kat-chi)

January 23, 2013
Having a hard time accessing wifi - which is OK, just makes those few moments I can spend online that much more enjoyable.  The trip to Akatsi was pretty interesting.  There are really no signs that tell you which villages are which way and there were quite a few roundabouts heading out of town. The traffic was insane, many times we rushed ahead to just line up in the next traffic jam.  We may have required a few U-Turns along the way.
Akatsi is wonderful and our hotel √íVolta Paradise Hotel√ď is great, even with all the little lizards running around (including the one in my room I slept with last night). 
We were able to visit Ultimate Credit Union yesterday and meet Jeffrey the Manager. The credit union owns their building and rents a portion of the space to a flower shop.  They are in the process of building the second floor and will rent that space out too. Today we will spend the day with Jeffrey and meet the board this afternoon.
Ultimate is close to a public school; a group of girls stopped as they were leaving school to dance and sing - amazing.
Gotta run, just finishing my coffee, omelette and bread, then heading out with Raymond to see Jeffrey and his team.
The pics I have attached include a shot of the lizard and of the Akatsi market - which was larger than you can imagine, selling EVERYTHING - toothpaste and toothbrushes from a moving wheelbarrel, dried fish, clothes, material, cell phones, spices, eggs, chickens, goats, nuts, fruits, vegetables, jewelery, shoes, purses, belts, rice, seeds.....

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  1. Sounds wonderful. So happy that you have the opportunity to do some shopping:). have fun.