Thursday, 24 January 2013

We are blessed....

I hope that's not a surprise.  Today was incredible.  We were up early to finish our report for the credit union.  Ultimate Credit Union was formed in 2000 by 200 teachers who wanted to save together so they could afford to further their education.  They also knew they wanted to save so they could build homes for themselves.  The Chairperson, who is a retired school teacher, has just told me that without the credit union he would not have been able to build his house.  It took 4 years (2003 to 2007) and 4 loans to finish building his home.  Ultimate CU in Akatski has 5 chair persons including a female treasurer.  They were amazing to work with and very advanced in their business.  They have 677 members and operate on a computer system with a small network and printer receipts for member transactions.  Their board is younger and very committed to educating their community on membership benefits.

After presenting to the board and manager, they took us to Keta and to the place where slavery was born.  The Danes built a castle on the shore of the Atlantic.  Here they kept the slaves prisoners and sold them to the people who came over by boat.  The castle is called Fort Prizentien - look it up, well worth the education. 

The slave castle brought back many of the same emotions I felt when I first learned about slavery and about the holocaust.  Disgust in the narrow minded people who were filled with hate for those they viewed as different and less than equals.  Admiration for those who were brave and stood up, in the face of death, for change.  Those people who died fighting for freedom - freedom.  It is those people who have made this world a better place.  I shed tears today for those who were lost and for those left to remember and share their stories.

Take time tonight to remember how blessed we are. It cannot be said enough, Canada is a wonderful place to call home and something we should never take for granted.

I will post some pictures soon.


  1. So glad you have this opportunity, it is one I never forget. The slave castles are just as you describe it. Unforgetable.

    Enjoying your blog. Cory

  2. We ARE so blessed to live in Canada, I hope that is one of the messages you will share with others when you return Jodi, as it is an important message.

    I'm so glad to see that Africa has touched your does that...and never leaves.....